Sunday, December 22, 2002

The Iraqi "Opposition Groups" have met and made plans for a post-Saddam Iraq.
I feel so much more relaxed now. My future is in good hands. Excuse me while I jump around and celebrate this.

.....According to **opposition members**, Washington wants the opposition to enhance its credibility without growing too independent, so that the United States controls Iraq's political future yet has a legitimizing Iraqi partner ready in the wings in case one is needed after any invasion.
man this is way too funny, the way everyone is so blatant about it. at least try to be a bit discreet. No need for that eh?, just a bunch of stupid arabs there, they won't notice the threads moving these puppets.
There were American officials on hand to monitor the conference, cajoling its leaders in private to meet the goals set by Washington while ensuring that they did not overstep the American-drawn boundaries
how does anyone expect that this is meeting is of any meaning or importance. the whole affair was a mess. the speeches made were embarrassing and the fighting over each party's position in this meeting was even more so (just in case anyone starts having "hey this dude is no way in baghdad, how can he watch and hear this" thoughts. I am risking a hefty $350 fine and possible prison for having . very early on a kurdistani sunni group threatened to withdraw from the meeting if sunni Kurds were not represented in this meeting, but nobody cared because the american organizers of this meeting (headed by Zalmay Khalilzad) had no intrest in that bunch of fools.
The result of the four days was a 25 recomendations document full of hot air dictated by the US (link to document in arabic, could not find a translation of the whole declaration in english). It does say in paragraph two that the groups appreciate, or welcome (depends how you want to translate it) the help of the international community for supporting the iraqi people in helping them end the dictatorial regime and their help in rebuilding Iraq, BUT refuse any political intervention in future iraqi affairs. I say bullshit. Let's assume they are independent enough to make their own decisions, how do they expect that anyone would give them a free lunch?
-Here, let us send you huge military backing, risk the lives of our people, spend huge amounts of money just because we like you.
If you're going to ask for favors, you'll have to give something in return. and that's a mighty big favor you're asking. But since we know they are not really that independent, and everything said in that declaration would have to be approved by the American minders first. that paragraph means nothing just like the rest of the meeting, speeches and final recomendations.
.....several senior members of some of the largest groups said privately that such statements were largely political posturing because none of the opposition groups wants to be seen as an American patsy.
poor deluded fools. seen as patsy? you ARE a patsy.

The only good thing I heard during the 4 day charade was this:

After pressure from the Constitutional Monarchy Movement (CMM), the plans envisage a referendum on whether the country should remain a republic, or restore the monarchy which was overthrown in 1958.
It is not that I particularly like the Constitutional Monarchy Movement (Raed: do me a favor check the link and tell me if there is anything worth reading, my access to it is blocked). The CMM and INC (Iraqi National Congress headed by Ahmad Chalabi) are the main puppets in the american game. see this nice photo of both of them with Under Secretary of State Thomas R. Pickering in 1999 (chalabi in the middle and king wannabe Ali bin Sharif Al Hussein on the right). here is another mugshot of Ali bin Sharif Al Hussein.
In fact Al Sharif Ali's speech in meeting was one of most embarrassing. he is the best example why I say the Iraqi Opposition groups outside Iraq are so out of it. This person who wants to be the head figure of my country can't even speak my language. he stammered and stuttered, pronounced the words as he has never seen arabic before. I was wondering whether he was reading an english transcribtion of the arabic words because they sound so wrong. He has never set foot in Iraq. Was suddenly interested in the future of this country in 1993, no one heard of him or cared about him before that. Anyway, I had a point, this is not it.
I have decided if that Referendum ever happens I will vote for a constitutional monarchy. Beside having acquired a lifetime allergy of the word President. I think a Monarch who doesn't have much say will do less harm than a president who has to fight for his position every couple of years and once there wouldn't want to leave. This might be wrong but somehow I think if we did actually reach a point where we have a multi-party system it will be better to have to deal ministers and opposition groups than a single egomaniac. oh I don't know.. I just don't want to have to say the word President for a while so give us that wimp from the CMM, better still give us Prince Ra'ad bin Zaid bin Al Sharif Al Hussein. That would be good, at least he IS Iraqi and, been living in Jordan not like that Ali, spending his time in decadant western cities and speaks Arabic.